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Ingrid H Lee (B.Ed., Hons., M.Ed (Research), PhD Candidate)– Sessional lecturer in Arts Education, Critical theory and Pedagogy.  Studying my PhD researching about collaboration, pedagogy, creativity and innovation in higher education. See My Research  and My Projects

Venturing back into academia after 15 years.

My education career has been varied, teaching in primary and secondary schools, lecturing at university, and working in the private business sector (still teaching).  It’s been a while since I was lecturing in Education and doing my Masters (that was a looooong extended study), lots has changed, and some things haven’t…but I’m embracing blended learning at uni, which has been a wonderful experience for my own studies and those I create for my students.  Given that I recreated my art career online (I’ll talk about that soon), it’s why I understand and love creating new approaches to networking, collaborating and teaching in blended/online learning environments.

My real interest when teaching in Initial Teacher Education programs is to model risk taking with innovative approaches to pedagogy and engagement of student learning…essentially Dewey’s ‘learning by doing’- I think if we expect our Pre Service Teachers to create engaging cultures of learning then we need to model those experiences, take risks with our students and approaches too.  In this blog I share and reflect on some of those approaches which worked and need some refining, and hope to get your feedback too.

So, in between education and teaching I’ve been working as an international professional artist, art and creativity educator, and creative entrepreneur (See my other site)  .  My biggest claim to fame in my art career are two Royal events in Thailand, winning awards from the Queen of Thailand and presenting a collection of my work for the Thai Royal Art Collection for Princess Sirikit’s Birthday.  I have developed an online art and creativity school for myself and other organisations, and have worked as an online marketing strategist, web designer, copywriter for online retail and private industries for over six years which resulted in my own company and art work and teaching programs going global (Sweden, Russia, Thailand).  I have over 20 years experience in owning, developing and managing my own retail art businesses and working as an education and creativity consultant and HR trainer to education institutions and private industry. I have taught art masterclasses and seminars for nearly 20 years in my own studios and gallery in Australia.  Currently, apart from my academic work, I’m in the process of publishing an art education book, balancing life with two pre teens, painting and try to make time to crazy quilt…and sleep a few hours.

This blog is documenting:

      • my approaches to developing university curriculum and pedagogy in the arts;
      • creativity, pedagogy and collaboration, higher education- particularly pre-service teacher educators;
      • PhD musings;
      • interesting articles I find on social media or online for my uni students and my research;
      • building online networks (particularly through twitter) in my areas of study and sharing our interviews…in general building my academic profile.

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I look forward to your comments and thoughts about my posts…Ingrid