Workshop with Mick Healy

Workshop with Mick Healy (HE Consultant and Researcher), 15 August, VU Melbourne

Topic: Developing partnerships between students, staff and employers through the curriculum

I really enjoyed this workshop, especially the links I was starting to make to my research about collaborative practices.  Mick was a really informative presenter, and the practical activities really enabled us to connect with people outside of our discipline areas…share stories with sessionals from other disciplines at VU!

Used with permission from Mick Healy, this figure summarises his ideas about engagement through partnership.



Some things I found interesting or want to think more about:

  • It’s important to involve students in research- the scholarship of teaching and learning not just to be researched as a participant.
  • Students are change agents, they are partners in decision making which is more than just having a student voice.
  • In partnership everyone has value and ideas and expertise- students know what it is to be a student!
  • Students should be involved in research and planning.
  • Explicit linking of teaching and research into curriculum.


  • MY FAVOURITE>> Research and Inquiry is not just for those who choose to pursue an academic career, it’s about developing different types of skills to be a professional.

I wonder about how this connects with our students and their contribution to creating curriculum at university?  I think their input into blended learning is valuable.  I have experienced studying blended learning samples at uni myself- some are well done, others are not quite getting the different ways we can learn and make time for learning now through technology.

It would be interesting to have a year long pedagogy subject, where Semester 2 was a collaboration of curriculum design with students, assessment is competency based and not reliant on essays!  Something to think about.

Publications by Mick Healy to check

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